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New colletion

The new AW22 collection from Joanli Nor is elegant and classic in its look. You will still find the shimmering cubic zirconia in all the jewellery. Most of the jewellery is with the popular round shapes that give them an organic look and that symbolize wholeness. All the jewellery is available in rhodium-plated silver and gold-plated silver. Most also in rose gold-plated silver.

You can find earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets in the collection. There will be a special focus on earrings, like hoops, ear studs and ear hooks. There are hoops with small, fine zirconia in different sizes and shapes that give them a feminine and timeless look. They go perfectly with our ear series, JoanNor, that was launched in the spring. Earrings with the classic panzer pattern are also a part of the new collection.

We have also added a timeless and exclusive tennis bracelet with a matching necklace to the collection. It’s the perfect pieces if you want jewellery in a stylish design that radiates opulence. The tennis barcelet with the matchin collier go especially well in combination with the KosaNor series that consists of hoops and rings with a lot of extra cubic zirconia in a very simple design.

The collection is for the woman who loves the trendy, feminine and extraordinary. It’s for the women who loves to stay on trend and who uses jewellery to express her personality.

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The contrast-filled KleoNor series

Do you dream of a piece of jewellery that is elegant but also contrast-filled? The KleoNor series has both. The classic link chain gives the perfect counterplay to close cubic zirconia. You get a piece of jewellery that has the feminine elements but also has small details that are essential to the look.

A good styling tip is to use two of the same necklaces staggered. Imagine the middle of the necklace as the dividing point. One chain has the cubic zirconia on the left side and the chain link on the right. The other necklace is placed about one centimeter further down the neck and is opposite, so that the stones are on the right side and the chain link is on the left. See how on the picture on the right. You can choose to do the same with two bracelets from the same series.

Complete the look further by adding a classic necklace with a shimmering pendant and get the perfect last touch.

The series consists of both earrings, necklace and bracelet in rhodium-plated silver, gold-plated silver or rose gold-plated silver.


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